Hospitality Trends

Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy the Murphy’s Law of Hospitality;

“The word ‘hospitality’ might as well be another name for Murphy’s Law because everything that can go wrong in a hotel will and at the worst possible time!

A perennial source for entertainment, these incidents are nevertheless important markers for the aptitude of your guest service teams. Even though most of these events are hard to prevent, it is in how we respond that will earn us the praise or the scorn of our customers. And so, herewith some Murphy’s Law occurrences that you and your team should be aware of as they will most definitely happen one time or another at your establishment.

Front desk
If anything can go wrong, it will happen during night audit.
If you are 100 per cent correct and the guest is 100 per cent wrong, the guest is 100 per cent right.
If you have a line of guests at your front desk, the first person will have the most complex transaction possible.
When something goes wrong, you cannot find the solution in your handbook but your supervisor always does.
The number of rooms you need to quickly flip for an early check-in will be less than the number of your guests that will call to request late checkouts.

If anything can go wrong it will, and when it does, the sales team will get the blame.
Anything that can go wrong has already gone wrong and your client just hasn’t told you yet.
When your hotel is profitable, your GM did a great job, but when the hotel is losing money, sales is doing a lousy job.
Revenue management will tend to support whatever theory they are in favor of.
When sitting with your client to sign the contract, they will then tell you they want a cheaper rate.
The file you are looking for is always at the bottom of the largest pile.
The more you need to pull reports from your secure brand site, the greater the chance is that the server is down.
You can’t reason with brides, or their mothers.
The bride always requests 65 per cent more overnight rooms than will actually arrive.
If your establishment is running smooth, your hockey teams haven’t checked in yet.

General management
If many things can go wrong, they will all go wrong at the same time when you are on vacation.
If you plan to open in April, October is the greater probability.
Half of your housekeeping staff are going to call in sick tomorrow.
A bad review will always come at the end of the month.
After continuously asking for feedback from your guests, you will find out about a bedbug issue at your hotel from TripAdvisor.
That bedbug issue is really a cockroach that ends up being just a grasshopper.
The number of guests that hang their clothes on the heads of your fire-sprayers is in direct proportion to the number of signs you have asking them not to hang their clothes there.
No matter how challenging your next year’s budget seems, your owner will always ask for more.

In hospitality, nothing is ever completely right, so if everything is going right then something is clearly wrong.
Cheer up! The worst is yet to come, and the crazy thing is that as someone in the Hospitality Industry you know that deep down you love the change! Expect the best but also plan for the worst, and knowing that the above incidents are quite common will help you to prepare your team accordingly so that you can respond in as effectively a manner as possible.

Are you up to date with the latest hospitality health,   wellness and “green” trends?

 1.  Juicing

Many of your guests will likely want to take advantage of the ability to eat healthy. With this idea in mind, consider the value of including a juice bar in your restaurant.

  1. Healthy vending machine options

More and more travellers are realizing that they shouldn’t use vacations and business trips as an excuse to eat poorly. It is your responsibility to provide them with food and drink options that facilitate wellness. One great way to make it happen is by installing a vending machine that features a wide range of healthy snacks.

  1. Veganism

Veganism is on the rise, as such, it’s important that your restaurant present customers with a wide range of vegan options.

  1. Better coffee

Travellers always have a desire for better coffee. These days, many are looking for coffee that is organic, free of chemicals and less acidic. In recognizing this reality, you should make sure that your establishment provides guests with excellent, organic coffee options.

  1. Sustainable and green practices

*  the friendly card in the bathroom explaining the option to reuse towels.

*  create agreen team, a collection of team members committed to helping your property improve in this area, a committee that holds everyone accountable.

*  why not opt for environmentally friendly products? Everything from cleaning supplies, to paper products can be a part of your sustainability goals. This might be seemingly costly up front, but consider the long term benefits – including guest reactions and reviews of the environmentally minded practices of your establishment.

  • When it comes to Earth’s future, everyone is accountable and everyone can be involved, even your guests. For starters, you can develop a rewards program for sustainable guests – i.e. discounts and restaurant vouchers for guests who donate old clothes, use fewer towels, leave unused amenities for the next guests, etc.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to green practices. Sometimes simply beginning to make the changes is the hardest part. Start small if you must, but by all means – start!

Remember you need to try and be ahead of the trends, set the trends, and at the very least – follow them.